Tax Return Review

by Kenneth Hoffman in

Worried about red flags? Not sure where that item goes on your tax return? Can I deduct this? Want a second opinion? Let Kenneth Hoffman review the tax return you prepared, or a tax return prepared by another firm.

Please contact me or call me at 954.591.8290 to schedule your Tax Return Review.

Once your Tax Return Review is scheduled, you will confirm and reserve this date by paying for the package.

Details about the Tax Return Review are:

  • A pre-review phone call with Kenneth Hoffman to discuss your general tax situation and to identify any areas of concern.
  • A copy of my Tax Info Checklist to assist you in compiling your tax documents.
  • Review of your federal and state tax return for possible mistakes and missed opportunities.
  • A written list of recommend changes.
  • A post-review phone call with Kenneth Hoffman to discuss the recommended changes. 
The fee for the Tax Review Package is $149.95, payable in advance.

After consulting with Kenneth Hoffman, if you would like him to file an  amended tax return, or to professionally prepare your tax return, the Tax Review Fee will be credited toward the tax preparation fee.

Kenneth Hoffman of K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is a highly sought after tax and business counselor. Counseling Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Select Individuals who are struggling with ever changing tax laws and who are paying too much in taxes. All the while he is protecting his clients from the IRS and other taxing authorities using proactive tax planning strategies, ensuring compliance with minimal tax liability while bringing his clients Peace or Mind.

Discover how I can help you overcome your tax and business challenges. To start the conversation or to become a client, call Kenneth Hoffman at (954) 591-8290 Monday - Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a no cost consultation, or drop me a note.

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