What Not To Say To The IRS

by Kenneth Hoffman in ,

If you have an IRS problem and feel overwhelmed, you need to know that you are not alone. The Federal Tax Code is so complicated that it’s difficult for anyone to understand it completely.

 Before you speak to anyone from the IRS, you should consult with a firm that is experienced in dealing with the IRS. We can be reached at 954-591-8290 or via our Contact form.

 If you decide to do it yourself, we offer this advice:

First, never voluntarily tell the IRS anything unless they have specifically asked you for the information. This is extremely important for you to understand. You must only give the IRS the information that they have asked for and nothing else. The IRS actually counts on taxpayers to voluntarily give up too much information.

Second, never tell the IRS something that you know is not true. Lying the IRS is a criminal offense. If the IRS catches you in a lie, you may be charged with perjury, which can ultimately subject you to time in prison.

Third, you should never answer any question that you don’t understand completely. Remember what I said about the complexity of the tax code? You should not admit to or speak about anything that you do not understand. If you are not completely sure about your answer to a question, you should let them know that you "don’t know" or "can’t recall, and you want the opportunity to research the answer to the question. You have the right to stop the questioning at anytime. Tell the IRS agent you want to end the questioning and you want to engage someone to represent you.

 IRS problems are serious business and they deserve serious attention. Procrastination will not resolve your IRS problem. There are numerous ways to resolve your IRS problem and move forward with a stress-free life. Contact us at 954.591.8290 to learn we may be of assistance.