Need a Blog or Website?

by Kenneth Hoffman in

KR Hoffman & Co., LLC uses SquareSpace as its hosting provider.

Prior to switching to SquareSpace, I used a well known hosting company with a site I designed myself.  I am not a designer.  Even though I was an engineer (electrical) in another life, I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler.

A friend suggested that I try SquareSpace.  SquareSpace is a template driven host, all of which are customizable.  I can chage my site design in the background, on the fly, customize it and make it go live, all without taking down the original site.

Since switching to SquareSpace, my website has gone from less than 10 hits per week, to over 3000 hits in the last two months.  Some are repeat viewers.  Most importantly, my phone is ringing, I am getting messages via my contact form and emails.  The majority of which said they liked my site.

Give SquareSpace a look see, and if you have any questions I can be reached at 954.591.8290 or via my Contact form.