Do You Have Questions When Preparing Your Income Tax Return?

Making a mistake on your income tax return can be costly and time consuming.

But you are busy. You don't have hours to research a complicated, mind-numbing tax return question. And you sure don't want to run afoul of the IRS and it's maze of ever changing tax rules and regulations.


How to get fast and accurate answers to all your tax return questions.

Do you have your tax return completed yet?

If not, can you remember the struggle it was last year (or the year before) to get everything organized and in order and on the right form by April 15?

Have tax questions throughout the year not just during tax season?

Do you find yourself frustrated by the whole process and wish you could get help at a moments notice? To help you complete your income tax return more quickly, more easily, and more accurately, with much less stress, confusion and frustration....


KR Hoffman & Co., LLC's Federal Income Tax Question Service

Get all your income tax return questions answered by and experienced tax professional.

I've prepared thousands of income tax returns over the years – personal returns as well as business returns (sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, LLC's).

For one low fee, you can send me up to five (5) federal tax return questions via email, and I will respond via email by midnight the next business day.

Please limit your questions to one per day.

The question can be related to any current federal income tax return, personal or business, ie anything related to Form 1040 and all it's related form and schedules (such as Schedule C and all other forms for a Sole Proprietorship or Self-Employement Activity), as well as anything related to income tax returns for corporations, partnerships and LLC's.

Just so there's no misunderstanding, here's how it works:

Send me a federal income tax return question on Monday and I'll send you an answer by Tuesday at midnight Eastern time.

Send a question on Tuesday and I'll respond by midnight Wednesday.

Send a question on Wednesday and I'll respond by midnight Thursday.

Send a question on Thursday and I'll respond by midnight Friday.

Send a question on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and I'll respond by midnight Monday.

The cost is an affordable one-time fee of $95.   

So sign up today!   


After submitting your payment email me your questions to

P.S. Of course, this Federal Income Tax Question Service is backed by a money-back guarantee.  If at any time you are not 100% satisfied, just say the word and I'll accept an amount equal to your satisfaction, or I will refund your money, no questions asked, no weasel clauses.

Kenneth Hoffman of K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is a highly sought after tax and business counselor. Counseling Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Select Individuals who are struggling with ever changing tax laws and who are paying too much in taxes. All the while he is protecting his clients from the IRS and other taxing authorities using proactive tax planning strategies, ensuring compliance with minimal tax liability while bringing his clients Peace of Mind.

Discover how I can help you overcome your tax and business challenges. To start the conversation or to become a client, call Kenneth Hoffman at (954) 591-8290 Monday - Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a no cost consultation, or drop me a note.

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