You May Not Be An Expert In Church and Clergy Tax Law. That's Okay, We Are!

K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC provides tax and business counsel to churches and clergy in all 50 states. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is dedicated  to meeting the unique tax and finance needs of today’s  religious  professional and the church. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC prides itself on its strong Christian ethics and beliefs.

We have an unparalleled tax expertise on the complex  issues associated with church payroll and clergy compensation. By not following the IRS requirements for clergy compensation,  housing allowance and fringe benefits; the church, the pastor(s) and the church board are put at risk for both civil and criminal sanctions by the IRS.

Ministers  are treated differently under the tax  code. Clergy enjoy tax advantages not offered to secular professionals. With these advantages comes scrutiny from the IRS. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC provides counsel and  technical guidance in determining  the eligible tax deductions and benefits to reduce and  minimize your tax liability.

The  greatest challenge for the church or their pastors in selecting  a tax counsel and preparation firm is finding a firm who is truly qualified in clergy tax  law.  Knowledge and experience in clergy tax law are critical.   Secular firms may be great with for-profit businesses.  However, they cannot provide guidance or demonstrate adequate knowledge  relating to clergy  compensation, PARP, pension accounts, clergy W-2  forms, clergy housing allowance, etc. Clergy and their churches must  understand these challenges  and recognize the need for industry  specialists. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is that specialist.

Contact us today at 954-591-8290 for a free, no obligation telephone conversation, or use our Contact form to learn how K.R. Hoffman & Co,. LLC can assist you and your minister. 

A Complimentary Second Opinion

Many ministers have found errors in or are uncomfortable  with tax  returns that they prepared using off-the-shelf tax software, or were prepared by  other  tax return preparation companies. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC will review your tax return and provide a second opinion at no cost. Contact us today at 954-591-8290 for a free, no obligation telephone conversation, or use our Contact form to learn how K.R. Hoffman & Co,. LLC can assist you. 

Others have received notices for tax audits and sometimes can't  get the help  they need from their tax return preparer. We can help with  all of these.

We can review your return identify missed opportunities and mistakes that may bring your return to the attention of  the IRS.  Plus, identify possible tax saving opportunities you may have  missed.

K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC offers this  "Free Clergy Tax  Review" in  which we will review up to the past three years of  returns with no  cost. This will provide you with greater peace of mind  and if we  find any  errors or even a refund, you can always file an  amended  return.

K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC has been serving churches and their clergy since 1990. We have an  unparalleled tax expertise on the complex issues associated with clergy  tax law, clergy taxes, clergy compensation and church payroll. K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is a valuable resource for clergy, churches and  denominations.

Kenneth Hoffman of K.R. Hoffman & Co., LLC is a highly sought after tax and business counselor. Counseling Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Select Individuals who are struggling with ever changing tax laws and who are paying too much in taxes. All the while he is protecting his clients from the IRS and other taxing authorities using proactive tax planning strategies, ensuring compliance with minimal tax liability while bringing his clients Peace of Mind.

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