The Importance of Keeping Good Records

by Kenneth Hoffman in , ,

That's always good advice. But it can be critical in the case of sales tax. Some states are famous for using the one-day observation test of restaurants and many other establishments. 

The issue can be a real problem if the day the auditor picks is one of your best days of the week. It can get worse if sales have been growing over the last few years. The auditor could simply take the sales for the day and multiply by 313 (365 days less 52, assuming the business is closed one day a week) then multiply by 3 for a 3-year period. That's a real problem if sales two years ago were significantly less than today. Contesting the assessment could be difficult. You may have to have an expert witness show the test was not statistically correct. In some cases, even that won't get you off the hook. You're fighting from a poor position because you didn't maintain the required records.

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