Intuit Quickbooks Syncing Sensitive Client Data To Their Servers

by Kenneth Hoffman in

I was alerted by Michelle Long, CPA, MBA from Long For Success, LLC, that Intuit Quickbooks may be accessing sensitive client data without first telling the program users. Seems we've seen this before with other companies.

From Michelle's blog:

    Intuit Sync Manager may be syncing QuickBooks data (indexing sensitive financial data like Social Security numbers and customer credit card information) to Intuit servers without your knowledge. 

    This may be a security concern for QuickBooks users who do not want to sync sensitive financial information with Intuit Servers. It should be a bigger concern for CPAs, Chartered Accountants and other accounting professionals. We are usually required to keep client information confidential and secure according to the AlCPA, state laws or other regulations. If client data will be shared with third parties (ie. Intuit's servers), we should have consent from the client in an engagement letter or privacy notice.

I urge you to read the blog post, then check your Quickbook program to ensure that you are not sharing your sensitive client data with Intuit.

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